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Dar Bouchaib Marrakech

BENI MRIRT MOROCCAN RUG 7'34" X 11'02" - SK158

BENI MRIRT MOROCCAN RUG 7'34" X 11'02" - SK158

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The Beni Mrirt carpet is a symbol of Moroccan cultural heritage, reflecting the lives of the Amazigh weavers who create them. These hand-woven carpets are made exclusively by women, with the skill and knowledge passed down from mother to child. The carpets' design aspects are infused with culturally significant symbols and aesthetics, making them one of the most iconic representations of Moroccan artistry.

The Beni Mrirt carpets are regarded as Morocco's most renowned rugs, thanks to the high-quality wool used in their creation. The majority of modern Beni Mrirt carpets are cream (white) in color, although there can be variations in tone depending on the color of the sheep.

This particular Beni Mrirt carpet boasts a beautiful, medium pile of 100% natural wool. The design features a time-worn tassel on one end, adding to its rustic charm. The dimensions of this carpet are 326cm x 220cm plus fringe, which is approximately 11’02’’ by 7’34’’.

If you're looking for a unique piece to add to your home decor, the Beni Mrirt carpet is a fantastic option. It can easily find its place in the middle of a living room under a coffee table or in a bedroom with its versatile dimensions and shape. The cream color and unique design of this carpet will complement any style of living room and furniture decor.

To make your purchase even more attractive, we offer free worldwide shipping on this beautiful Beni Mrirt carpet. Order now and bring a piece of Moroccan culture and history into your home!

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